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Episode 4 "The Outsider"


Ryan wants to be less financially dependent on the Cohens and so he gets a job at the Crab Shack, where he meets Donnie, a fellow outsider with a connection to the past Ryan has recently left behind. His worlds collide when Donnie invites him and Seth to a party in the "old neighborhood."

Ryan is reluctant knowing the rough crowd that will attend, but Seth finds Donnie's anti-Newport style refreshing and is eager to see life outside the O.C. Additionally, armed with a paycheck and after some prodding from Seth, Ryan had finally worked up the courage to ask Marissa out. Unfortunately, the date is the same night as the party Donnie has invited him and Seth to.

Meanwhile, Sandy puts his true feelings for Jimmy aside and offers to assist him with his legal affairs now that the rest of the community has turned against him in "The outsider" episode of THE O.C.


The Outsider
September 2, 2003
Suspicious minds

Ryan takes a job at the Crab Shack so he can stop sponging money off the Cohens. Seth is facing a bit of separation anxiety as Ryan goes off to work. Sandy is facing something worse - the Ladies are in his kitchen, gossiping about Jimmy and trying to decide whether Julie should still be invited to their spa weekend. Kirsten tries to come to Jimmy's defense, but the Ladies are having none of it. At least lay off Julie, she says - she's our friend. The Ladies don't look convinced. Next door, Julie tells Jimmy that she has to go to the spa to do damage control. He has the weekend to fix everything, while she tries to preserve the family's place in society.

Working for the weekend
Ryan gets shown the ropes at work by Donnie, a guy from a Chino-esque part of town. Summer tries to cheer Marissa up by taking her to lunch at The Crab Shack. Oops. It's all a ploy to get Marissa talking to Luke again. Oops again. Luke swans in and pisses off Donnie by being well, Luke. Luke tries to distract Marissa from her pain, but manages to piss her off, too. Donnie offers to show Ryan where the real people live after work. This crushes poor puppy-dog Seth, who comes to collect Ryan at the end of the day. Seth is back to having no life.

Cutting loose
The next day, Sandy is helping Jimmy with his legal woes, trying to make Jimmy understand how bad it is. Jimmy says it's abundantly clear. Sandy takes pity on him - why don't they do something fun while their wives are away? It's time for steaks, beer and video games - along with confessions from both men about their undying love for Kirsten. Hmm. Seth tries to get Ryan to hang out with him, but Ryan finally asked Marissa out. She's babysitting her sister, but invites him over for dinner. Donnie invites Seth to a house party in his 'hood. Ryan tries to talk him out of it, but Seth is so going. Ryan comes along to protect him. The party is wild, Seth's mom's car gets trashed, and Marissa ends up getting stood up.

Diva, live
At the spa, Julie gives the performance of her life for The Ladies. "Oh, I blame myself!" "No, you're the victim!" Mission accomplished - the Ladies are firmly on her side. Kirsten calls home during Boys Night In and gets Jimmy on the phone. Julie catches her talking to Jimmy. In the steam room, the talk turns to divorce. Kirsten tells Julie she's just as responsible for the family's financial woes - "He didn't buy ponies and jewelry for himself." Julie is not taking that - she's the one who married Jimmy, even though he has always been in love with Kirsten. "Who knew that when he knocked me up, it would be the best thing that ever happened to you," Julie says. Damn.

Damage control

Seth slinks over to Marissa's to beg for her to give Ryan another chance. She caves. Sandy tells Jimmy he thinks Jimmy will avoid jail time if he makes full restitution, which means he'll have to sell much of what he owns to pay everyone back. Jimmy is not impressed.

Cutting loose, part 2
At the restaurant, Seth lets slip that there's a party in Newport. Donnie invites himself along. Ryan is aghast, but Seth says he can handle it. Ryan goes home to his date with Marissa, which ends in the pool. At the party, Holly jumps Luke. While they are otherwise engaged, Donnie and his hommies show up. Seth realizes he's way out of his depth when Donnie reveals he has a gun. Seth calls Ryan for backup. The sounds of breakage tempts Holly and Luke out of the bedroom. Donnie pulls the gun on Luke just as Ryan gets there. Donnie tries to convince Seth and Ryan that settling scores with Luke would be fun, but Ryan tackles him. The gun goes off, hitting Luke in the arm. Donnie and party flee.

The aftermath
Ryan calls Marissa from the hospital - she comes to Luke's side. Seth tells Ryan they really need to stick together, because when they're apart, people get shot. On the way back from the spa, Julie and Kirsten finally talk - Julie always wanted the high life, and she doesn't want to go back to being nothing again. Back at the house, Jimmy tells Julie she has a choice to make - they can sell everything and make restitution, or declare bankruptcy and keep the house. If they do that, Jimmy goes to jail.

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