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02. Unknown


Ryan sits across from his new academic advisor, AVA FISHER (30's), an Ivy-educated, African-American woman who still thinks of herself as a kid, so she doesn't talk down to them.

MS. FISHER: (handing him his SCHEDULE) So, I put this schedule together for you, which you will probably hate. Which is fine. You can tell me.

As Ryan peruses the schedule --

MS. FISHER: (CONT'D) But I based it on the classes you took last year -– nice G.P.A., by the way –-

RYAN: (looks up, surprised) Really? Thanks.

MS. FISHER: However, since you and Seth missed registration, a lot of the more popular classes were already full.

RYAN: No, this is fine. Thanks.

MS. FISHER: Really? You don't mind having Mr. Schmidt again?

Ryan looks at her. How honest is he allowed to be?

RYAN: Um –-

MS. FISHER: Because I know some people find his… mole a little distracting. (under her breath) I know I do.

Ryan can't suppress his smile. She returns it.

MS. FISHER: (CONT'D) Yeah, lets find you another math class. Do you have a teacher you love? Like? One you don't hate?

RYAN: You know what? Mr. Schmidt's okay.

MS. FISHER: You sure? What about your other classes? Anything you wanted to take that isn't there? A favorite subject? An elective? Anything?

RYAN: Honestly? I'm just happy not to be working construction right now, so…

Ms. Fisher looks at him, clearly trying to figure him out. He's so unlike her other students.

MS. FISHER: You know, Ryan, it's not too early too start thinking about colleges.

RYAN: (an embarrassed smile) Um. Thanks, but -– I can't afford college. And I'm not about to let the Cohens pay for it, so -–

MS. FISHER: That's why there are scholarships.

RYAN: Yeah. For smart people.

MS. FISHER: Ryan you've got great test scores, a solid G.P.A. –- you are smart people. And if you work your ass off, when you get out of here, you can do whatever you want.

From the look on Ryan's face, no one's ever said anything like this to him before.

MS. FISHER: (CONT'D) The question is: what do you want?

RYAN: How do you mean?

MS. FISHER: What are you interested in?

RYAN: (thinks, then) I don't know. (off her look) Seriously.

Ms. Fisher hands him a COMPOSITION BOOK.

MS. FISHER: Okay, here's your assignment. I want you to go to your classes. Then I want you to write down everything you liked about them and everything you didn't. And why. Then tomorrow we'll go over it and make sure you get what you want.

RYAN: Ms. Fisher, this schedule is fine.

MS. FISHER: Well, you'll find out and let me know, won't you? See you tomorrow.

OFF RYAN, confused. What just happened here?



Ryan sits nervously across the desk from an unreadable Ms. Fisher, as she peruses his COMPOSITION BOOK.

RYAN: (making excuses) The thing is, I'm not really a writer. At all. Words are kinda not… my… thing. Obviously. Maybe if I had more time -- ?

MS. FISHER: (turning the page) What's this?

She holds up Ryan's design sketch of the Cohen's family room.

RYAN: (busted) Um… that's what I was doing when I probably should've been doing what you asked me to do. Sorry.

MS. FISHER: Yeah, but what is it?

RYAN: It's the Cohen's new family room. (then, leaning in) Actually, it's what it should look like. But the contractor didn't know what he was doing. (suddenly at ease) See? They knocked down this wall to create more space. But it was a load-bearing wall so you need –-

MS. FISHER: (smiles at him) May I see your schedule? Please? (as Ryan hands it over) Because we need to get you into some advanced math and science classes. Calculus, physics -–

RYAN: Wait -– why?

MS FISHER: You're going to need them if your going to be an architect. (showing him his sketch) Isn't that what you want?

OFF RYAN, at least intrigued by the possibility –-


Ryan opens the door to find one PLAINCLOTHES COP and TWO UNIFORMED OFFICERS.


Sandy looks at Caleb protectively. Caleb nods, grateful.

CALEB: Gentlemen. What took you so long?

PLAINCLOTHES COP: Sir, you're under arrest.

SETH: What's going on?

CALEB: Your father will explain.

The PLAINCLOTHES COP reads Caleb his Miranda Rights, while the UNIFORMED COPS CUFF him.


Amanda Righetti (Hailey) seems to have replaced Navi Rawat (Theresa) as a regular cast member of FOX's North Shore. It's unknown at this time what this means for their OC characters.

 It's unlikely we will see Eddie again. Eric Balfour has said he is done with The OC.

From Canadian TV Guide:

 Ryan fans may be in for a bit of a heartbreak; the brooder won't be in the spotlight as much next year. Season 2 will focus more on the Cohen and Cooper families.

With Chris Carmack leaving the show, expect new characters to move into the neighborhood.

There may be some change of scenery for the kids in the O.C. Schwartz hints new locations will be introduced, instead of just the poolhouse.

Though nothing is firm yet, Schwartz and his team of three writers, plus McG, are working on season two story lines. Schwartz jokes he'll be spending his summer in the online chatrooms looking "for inspiration."


From USA Today:

 As for next season, "we're going to introduce some new kids who will trouble the waters," said Schwartz, who added that Chris Carmack, whose character, Luke, is moving to Portland, Ore., could be back.


From TV Guide:

In other news, Summer's stepmonster may appear on the show next year. Plus, Linda Lavin is likely to return as Seth's Jewish nana for Chrismakkuh.