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Episode 5 "The Girlfriend"

Kristen prepares for the arrival of her father, Caleb, and his upcoming birthday bash but isn't prepared for his girlfriend, Gabrielle.

When Caleb criticizes Kirsten's judgment about Ryan, the party, and the family business, Sandy pressures her to take this opportunity to move away, return to their old life and do the things she truly loves.

Then, after Julie tells Jimmy that she will be filing for divorce he faces more rejection when Caleb turns him down for a job. Caleb is however very interested in a proposition from Julie.

Meanwhile, Marissa continues to waiver between her feelings for Luke and for Ryan, but in the meantime Ryan is tempted by Gabrielle's flirtatious advances; and Seth and Summer share their first kiss in "The Girlfriend" episode of THE O.C.


The Girlfriend
September 9, 2003
Daddy dearest

Kirsten's dad, Caleb, is coming to visit, and everyone is in a tizzy. Kirsten is worried Caleb will find fault, Sandy is sniping about how the old man despises him and Ryan is worried Caleb will hate him. They're all right. Everyone is distracted, however, when they meet Gabrielle, Caleb's gorgeous bikini-clad 24-year-old girlfriend. The boys are incoherent with hormones.

Who are you, and what have you done with Luke?
Next door, Luke tells Marissa that being shot changed him, and he wants to make things right. Marissa is unsure, but Luke says he won't pressure her. Ryan stops by to invite Marissa to the party Kirsten is throwing for Caleb, but is interrupted by shiny, happy Luke. Not only does Luke not hit him, he actually thanks Ryan for helping him when he got shot. Ryan has no idea how to deal with the new Luke, and leaves without asking Marissa.

Family dynamics
Caleb is snippy as hell about Kirsten adopting Ryan without telling him. Maybe she wants to spend more time with the family, which he can accommodate by demoting her. Kirsten is shocked. Later on, Sandy tries to comfort Kirsten, then urges her to quit. Next door, Julie drops the bomb on Jimmy - she wants a divorce.

The boys run into Summer and Marissa, and wonder of wonders, Summer acknowledges Seth. She invites herself to the party. Seth tries to have a spine about it - does she honestly want to go with him or does she just want an invite - then decides he doesn't care. Ryan tries to invite Marissa, but it's too late - Luke beat him to it.

Tension builds
Gabrielle makes eyes at Ryan across the table over dinner. In the kitchen, Sandy urges Kirsten to tell Caleb she wants to quit. Caleb overhears, and there's a huge, loud fight, after which Caleb announces he'll expect Kirsten's resignation. The boys and Gabrielle retreat to the pool house. When Seth leaves to find another video game for Gabrielle, she takes the opportunity to jump Ryan. He's surprised, but he doesn't put up much of a fight.

Party on
At the party, Caleb is still cold to Kirsten and Sandy, and still expects Kirsten to resign. Kirsten is devastated. Gabrielle stalks Ryan, who is highly confused. Seth is even more confused when he meets the kinder, gentler Luke - "He got shot in the arm, not the head." Summer uses Seth to introduce her to all the rich financier types at the party.

Sandy tells Kirsten that whatever happens, she spoke her mind to her father. No, she replies - you did. She actually loves her job and doesn't want to move away. If this isn't what Sandy wants, they have some talking to do. Julie is aghast when Jimmy shows up at the party, but Jimmy thinks he can convince Caleb to hire him. He's wrong. Julie takes the opportunity to work her wiles on Caleb, and lands herself an interview - maybe for a spot as his new trophy girlfriend? Summer asks Marissa if she and Luke finally did the deed, then tells her she'd better do it soon. This makes Marissa want to check out her other option.

Caught in the act
Gabrielle tracks Ryan down in the pool house. She flings herself at him, and he seems just fine with that. Marissa bursts in on them. Humiliated, she grabs Luke and flees.

Seth finally confronts Summer. She's unrepentant until Seth angrily tells her those guys don't know her like he does. He lists a bunch of things that have more to do with her soul than her breasts. Who knew? Summer is smitten, and kisses Seth. Then she leaves to stalk more rich older guys. Oh well. It's a start. Sandy confronts Caleb -- the only reason he's being an ass to Kirsten is that she's good enough that she doesn't need him. Caleb huffs off, but later finds Kirsten. Since his wife died and Kirsten's sister cut herself off from them, Kirsten is all he has left. Instead of telling her he's proud of her, he says she still has a job. Again, it's a start.

Decision time
Marissa and Luke are getting hot and heavy at his house. She agrees to go all the way with him. Luke looks like he's enjoying himself, but Marissa seems to be doing it just to so she can say she's made a choice. When Luke drops her off at home, Ryan is waiting for her. You're too late, she says.

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