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Episode 7 "The Rescue"

While Marissa is in the hospital recovering from her overdose, everyone is concerned about her, but Julie vents her anger at Ryan. She blames him for all of Marissa's troubles and warns him to stay away from her daughter.

Meanwhile, Sandy is trying to get acclimated in his new job and is becoming friendly with co-worker, Rachel. Kristen is not happy about her husband's new relationship and it's apparent when she spots Jimmy and Rachel having an after-work cocktail.

The group of people who don't want Ryan around gets a new member Dr. Kim, the dean of Harbor High School. The dean is not happy about possibly having a student with a criminal background and makes Ryan take a placement exam that will determine whether he will be accepted into the school. During the exam Ryan risks his future at Harbor High and his future in Newport by abandoning the test to join Summer and Seth in an attempt to save Marissa from being sent away to San Diego. Will it be worth it?

Or will both Ryan and Marissa be forced to leave The O.C.?


The Rescue
October 29, 2003
Back from the dead

Casa Cohen is getting ready for registration week at the Harbor School, the ritzy private school that everyone who is anyone in Newport attends. But everyone is distracted - they're waiting for word on Marissa. Finally Jimmy calls - she woke up, is aware, and will pull through ok. If they hadn't gotten her out when they didJulie is not pleased that the Cohens are there, and is particularly bitter towards Ryan. If he tries to see Marissa again, Julie threatens to get him thrown back into juvie "where he belongs."

School days
Ryan is agog as the facilities at the school - Swimming pools? Tennis courts? Ocean views? They just had a basketball hoop in Chino! There's also a lot more pressure - he needs to write essays and take tests just to get into the school. Dr. Kim is enthusiastic - is Ryan really Harbor School material? Kirsten accuses her of being more concerned about the other parents' reactions. Ryan takes it as a challenge - he'll take whatever placement tests she can throw at him.

OC Law
Meanwhile, Sandy is getting used to his similarly luxurious new digs. There's a huge office, an eager staff and really silly cases about Botox gone awry. He dives right in and sets up court dates for several cases. Rachel, his former adversary who got him the job, is horrified. That's not the way the firm works - they settle everything they can so they can turn over cases - and bill clients - as quickly as possible. Sandy looks out of his depth.

Back to normal

Summer and Seth bond about Marissa's misadventure, but that's interrupted by a trio of cheerleaders. Summer flees - she doesn't want to sully her reputation by being seen with a nerd-boy. Now Seth is even more bent on getting Ryan into Harbor School - he doesn't want to spend another year alone.

Family smackdown
Julie reads Jimmy the riot act - when she's not blaming Ryan, she's accusing Jimmy of destroying the family. She's suing for sole custody of the kids. Marissa overhears them and is devastated. She calls Ryan for support. Ryan goes to see her, but hides when Julie comes back to the room. Marissa tries to tell Julie her overdose wasn't Ryan's fault, but Julie isn't listening. "Before that boy came here, you were happy." Marissa is incredulous, but Julie refuses to listen. What's more, Julie wants Marissa to go to a "recovery center" - that's nuthouse to you and me - in San Diego. Marissa calls Summer for help.

Multiple-choice test
Ryan is taking his placement test when Summer and Seth burst in with Marissa's plight. Dr. Kim is not amused. If Ryan walks out on the test, he's not going to the school. No contest - Ryan leaves. At the same time, Marissa is being quizzed by the therapist that Julie picked out. The therapist recommends Marissa get more treatment, and Julie seems hell-bent on making sure Marissa gets shipped off. Jimmy objects, but Julie goes behind his back to make the arrangements - she can drive Marissa down tonight.

Compromising positions
Jimmy comes to Casa Cohen to ask for Sandy's legal advice. He doesn't want to come in when he finds out that Sandy's at work - he's still freaked by the kiss he foisted on Kirsten in his apartment. Kirsten tells him to get over it. They find Sandy and Rachel at a restaurant getting way too cozy. Kirsten is perturbed.

Summer breaks the boys into the hospital and they smuggle Marissa out. Luke interrupts them, but instead of blowing the whistle, he directs them down the stairs. They go to Jimmy's house, who is horrified at Julie's deception. He doesn't want to jeopardize any custody arrangements, however, so he plans to turn her over to Julie. Marissa sneaks out the back.

Sandy calls Julie to Casa Cohen. There, Ryan lays it out for her: Marissa doesn't want Julie's life. She doesn't want to go to San Diego, and she doesn't want to live with Julie. Marissa tells Julie she wants to live with Jimmy. Julie is teary, then turns Mommy Dearest again. "This isn't over."

Happy ending

Ryan pleads his case with Dr. Kim. He's in, but Dr. Kim will be watching him. Don't screw up, Ryan!

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