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Episode 8 "The Heights"


The summer is officially over and it's the first day of school. Summer still ignores Seth in public, but privately is jealous of Seth's new relationship with Anna. Summer isn't the only person fighting feelings of jealousy.

Kirsten still isn't comfortable with Sandy's friendship with his new co-worker, Rachel. It doesn't help when Rachel offers Sandy a case against Kirsten's father, Caleb.

Back at school Marissa and Ryan are becoming closer, but Luke is still desperate to get Marissa back. When it looks like Luke may be getting exactly what he wants, Ryan lets his jealousy get the best of him and picks a fight with Luke. Marissa is not happy about the brawl and is not happy with Ryan. So, when the two of them find themselves alone on a ferris wheel, will she turn her back on him or forgive his jealous rage?


The Heights
November 5, 2003
Back to school

It's the first day of school, and everyone is apprehensive. Seth is convinced he's in for another year of social torture, Ryan is just worried that he won't fit in, and Marissa is convinced everyone will be talking about her overdose, Luke's cheating, her dad's criminal activities. All their fears are realized when they get to school.

Working it
Sandy is all dolled up in a new suit for work. Kirsten jokes that he's got a new girlfriend, then jumps him. Sandy makes the rookie mistake of calling Rachel an "attractive co-worker," then backpedals furiously - "Only in relation to which she evokes amorous feeling in my far more attractive wife." Kirsten buys it. Before they can get too distracted, dad and Rachel call.

The other woman
Seth is continuing his fruitless pursuit of Summer when Anna arrives. Seth hugs her with glee. Summer is annoyed and stalks off. Anna mocks him for pursuing Summer, then offers to teach him how to woo women. Could she have an ulterior motive?

The big case
Rachel has a big case for Sandy - a great environmental battle over the Balboa Wetlands. It's a "policy-changing, career-making piece of legislation." The catch? Kirsten's dad's company is the plaintiff. Sandy can't decide whether to take the case - or when he's going to tell Kirsten about it. She finds out and is furious.

Something to talk about
Marissa wants to drop her position as school social chair, but Dr. Kim argues against it. People are going to talk about her no matter what - she might as well give them something good to talk about. She cancels plans to hang out with Ryan in favor of planning the school's carnival. She offers to save him a ride on the Ferris wheel at the carnival, but Ryan turns her down - he's afraid of heights.

Extracurricular activities
Ryan decides to get more involved in school by trying out for soccer, but is dismayed to find that Luke is the team captain. Marissa agrees to meet with Ryan after practice, but Luke gets there first. He tries to make up with her - even going so far to cry. Ryan overhears part of the conversation, but storms off before Marissa shuts Luke down.

Communication breakdown
Kirsten is livid that the lawsuit, and Sandy's part in it, is front-page news. Rachel dismisses Sandy's concerns - "If your marriage can't survive this, what kind of marriage is it?" Ryan tells Seth that he thinks Luke and Marissa have made up. Seth tells Ryan to ask Marissa about it, but Summer advises Marissa to keep the talk with Luke to herself. When Ryan goes fishing for information, Marissa dances around the issue. He's now even more convinced that Marissa and Luke are back together.

In biology class, Summer tries to talk Seth into being her lab partner - that way, she won't have to write up the boring lab reports - but Anna intercepts her. Seth is her partner, she announces. Summer watches jealously. Marissa stops by soccer practice, and Ryan gets pissy when he sees her talking with Luke. In a soccer drill, he takes out Luke in an illegal tackle. The team, the coach and Marissa are aghast. Marissa comes to the pool house to ask Ryan what happened, but Ryan lashes out at her. Sandy chews Ryan out the next day, reminding him that one mistake could be enough to get Ryan taken away from the family.

All apologies
Sandy brings flowers to Kirsten to apologize, but announces he's taking the case. She 's not surprised, saying she expects nothing less from the man she married. They make up, but are interrupted again by calls from their respective workplaces.

Kiss me you fool
Ryan asks Anna how long she's going to help Seth pursue Summer. He can tell Anna is into Seth, even if Seth is clueless. She responds that Seth is only interested in her as a friend. Ryan counsels action, then goes off on his own pursuits. He braves the Ferris wheel to apologize to Marissa, but gets freaked when they stop at the top. He finally chokes out an apology, and Marissa rewards him with kiss (or three or six or). Anna also lets Seth know how she feels by kissing him, but Seth manages to misinterpret even that, thinking it's part of the Summer plan. Dork. Seth runs after Summer, who finally starts talking to him.

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