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Episode 9 "The Perfect Couple"

Marissa and Ryan are one week into their relationship and are taking things slowly.
Summer tries to deny her true feelings for Seth, while Anna and Seth are getting closer.
The case against Caleb continues to cause friction between Sandy and Kirsten.
Julie tries to mend her relationship with Marissa, and asks Marissa, Jimmy and Ryan to attend her charity event where her new relationship is revealed in the "The Perfect Couple" episode of THE O.C. Wednesday, Nov. 12


The Perfect Couple
November 12, 2003
Hot and heavy

Marissa and Ryan are spending some quality time together. In between smooches, Ryan laments that Marissa no longer lives next door. If she did, Marissa says, she'd have to talk to her mom something she's not willing to do yet. The two set a date for Saturday. Kirsten walks in on them. She's mortified and apologizes "This never happened with Seth." The next morning, Ryan walks in on Sandy and Kirsten making a date of their own. Looks like everybody's gettin' some but Seth.

Big plans
At school, Seth is quizzing Ryan about his sexual history when Marissa and Summer ask what they're talking about. Seth panics and starts blathering about what a great date Ryan has planned. Now Ryan is panicking. Seth tries to get intel on what sort of date Marissa would like, but ends up just getting more information about Summer. Anna finally yells at Seth for talking about Summer all the time.

Happy families
Rachel convinces Sandy to break his date with Kirsten and work on the settlement. Stupid Sandy. Kirsten finds Julie in Caleb's office. Caleb agreed to let Julie use his yacht for a children's hospital benefit and "the Julie Cooper comeback tour." Caleb is unimpressed that Sandy canceled on Kirsten. Marissa is pissed to find Julie at Jimmy's apartment. Julie comes over all teary and apologetic, begging Marissa to help her make them a family again.

Deer in the headlights
Marissa tells Ryan that his plans will have to be postponed she wants to go to the yacht party. Ryan is relieved until he finds out Julie is hosting the party. He protests, but gets freaked out when Marissa calls him her boyfriend. Rather than explain he didn't really date girls, he just slept with them, Ryan agrees to go to the yacht party.

Summer who?
Seth is incredulous that Anna thinks he talks about nothing but Summer. Ryan confirms that he does. Seth is appalled, but manages to turn that around to talking about Summer. At school, Seth promises Anna he'll never mention Summer to her again. He invites her to the yacht party. Anna agrees. Later, Summer discovers Seth is taking Anna to the yacht party. She's shocked, and storms over to a likely boytoy to get him to escort her to the party.

At the settlement conference, Caleb baits Sandy, contemptuously refuses the settlement offer and reveals that Kirsten told him about the missed date last night. He all but accuses Sandy of having an affair. At home, Sandy is furious that Kirsten "went running off to daddy" with their marriage woes. Kirsten storms off.

Who are you, and what have you done with Julie Cooper?
Marissa is showing Ryan potential dresses for the yacht party in her old room when Julie walks in on them. Julie apologizes to Ryan for being a bitch, then hugs him. Marissa is thrilled. Later that night, however, Ryan sees Julie macking on Caleb. She sees Ryan and gives him her patented Dragonlady stare.

Party of the week
Marissa tells Ryan that she thinks everything is working out between Julie and Jimmy. Ryan says nothing. Anna arrives at the house looking lovely. Seth is oblivious. Sandy, alas, is at work, and Rachel is showing off her charms. On the yacht, Julie is still playing happy families to her oblivious husband and daughters. She warns Ryan not to say anything to Marissa. Summer shows up with the boytoy, who's an idiot. She starts stalking Seth. Marissa finds her and mocks her for liking Seth. Summer denies it, but she just can't stop staring at them.

Bad news
Marissa is thrilled that Julie and Jimmy are getting along, and predicts that they'll be back together soon. Ryan tells her not to get her hopes up. Marissa dismisses him as cynical, but Ryan finally tells her about Julie and Caleb. Marissa is shocked and stalks off.

Romantic entaglements
At the office, Rachel flings herself at Sandy. With some effort, he tears himself away. On the boat, Anna tries to kiss Seth, but he panics and flees. Summer pounces on Seth and kisses him, then runs away in horror. Seth is confused. Marissa reveals Julie and Caleb's relationship to everyone at the party. Julie is livid, but tries to smooth things out with Marissa. Marissa is having none of it. Jimmy is disgusted. Kirsten is equally pissed at Caleb, and announces that they have nothing to say to each other outside the office.

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