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Episode 10 "The Homecoming"

It's Thanksgiving and Seth is trying to choose between Summer and Anna, but ends up in a situation.
Meanwhile, Ryan decides to pay a visit his brother Trey in prison and Marissa goes along for the ride. When Julie finds out Marissa is with Ryan in Chino she's incensed.
All nervously wait at the Cohen house for their return from Chino and when tensions mount tempers begin to fly. The Cohen's host a Thanksgiving to remember when "The Homecoming" episode of The O.C. airs Wednesday, Nov. 19


The Homecoming
November 19, 2003
Turkey trauma

Kirsten is determined to have a perfect Thanksgiving meal she cooks herself. The men of Casa Cohen make a pact they'll do everything in their power to keep Kirsten away from anything that resembles cooking.

Family time
Ryan's brother, Trey, wants Ryan to visit him in prison. Ryan suspects Trey has an ulterior motive. Kirsten is disgusted that her own father won't be joining them for Thanksgiving, but will spend the meal with Julie instead. Marissa is supposed to join Julie and Caleb, much to her dismay.

Ryan notices that Seth bought cologne and assumes it's because Seth is interested in Anna. This renders Seth speechless. He finally spills the beans on how "Summer attacked [him] with her lips" on the yacht. "For the first 16 years of my life, I had no women; now I have two," Seth laments. "Yeah, I feel really bad for you," Ryan replies. "I liked it better when you had no sense of humor," Seth says.

Jimmy is having dinner at Casa Cohen, but he discovers he's not the only guest Rachel shows up too. The Cohens do a horrible job of concealing the fact that they're hoping the two will hook up. Marissa stops by before heading over to her mom's, and Ryan reveals he's going to see his brother in prison. Marissa wants to accompany him, but Ryan says no. When he gets to the car, however, Marissa is waiting for him. She lies that she cleared it with her mom.

Brother's keeper
Trey is sporting some impressive facial bruising. He admits he owes someone a lot of money. He needs Ryan to deliver a stolen car to a chop shop once he does that, the debt is cleared. Ryan reluctantly agrees. He tries to send Marissa home, but she insists on staying.

Boys and girls
Anna joins the Cohens for Thanksgiving. Sandy and Kirsten immediately love her. Seth looks like he's coming around, too. Rachel and Jimmy berate Sandy and Kirsten for trying to set them up, but they end up bonding over football. Kirsten and Sandy look very smug.

Julie and Caleb "the gruesome twosome," as Sandy calls them appear at the door. The caterer bailed on Julie, so they have no food. Julie wants to eat out, but Caleb invites himself and Julie over to the Cohen's feast. Kirsten is pissed. Caleb wants to talk to Kirsten, but she avoids him. She starts drinking heavily.

Old flame
The car that Ryan needs to pick up is at his old neighbor's house and guess who has a thing for the girl next door? Yep, Ryan used to date Theresa, who's pretty pissed that he fell off the face of the earth. Marissa tries to get information on Ryan's old life from Theresa and her mom.

Summer shows up at Casa Cohen. She's looking for Marissa, but she'll settle for smooching with Seth in the pool house. When he comes back to the house, Anna suggests they retreat to the pool house for some alone time. Seth panics and suggests his bedroom. Anna is pleased. Seth tries to resist, but they end up kissing too. He flees, then calls Ryan for help.

Seth is surprised to learn that Marissa is with Ryan in Chino. Ryan realizes Marissa lied to him, and he's furious. He gives Marissa the Cohen's car and tells her to go home while he makes the delivery. When he arrives at the chop shop, the guys want payment with interest. They start to pummel him, but Marissa appears in the Land Rover she followed Ryan there. They make their getaway.

Sandy wanders into the pool house to collect some napkins and discovers Summer. While all the guests are yelling at each other in the kitchen, Sandy counsels Seth on his girl trouble. He needs to pick one, but Seth can't make up his mind. That's not going to be a problem the neglected turkey sets off the fire alarm, bringing both Summer and Anna into the kitchen. They're both furious at Seth and stomp off.

The aftermath
Ryan goes back to prison to tell Trey that the debt is paid, but that he won't do anything like that for Trey again. Trey tells Ryan to get on with his new life. The Cohens order the traditional Thanksgiving Chinese takeout. Kirsten finally passes out. Rachel invites Jimmy to come watch a game when he's ready. Caleb stops Julie from taking Ryan or Marissa's head off "It's Thanksgiving." Seth mopes alone on his bedroom floor, but perks up when he discovers Ryan's sordid past in musicals.

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