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Episode 14 "The Third Wheel"


Seth finally has chosen between Anna and Summer, but how does he tell the one he didn't choose?
Ryan is trying to understand Oliver, but still feels uncomfortable about Oliver's relationship with Marissa. When the gang heads to a concert together, Oliver is placed in a trying, legal situation. Will Ryan help him out of it?

Three's a crowd when "The Third Wheel" episode of THE O.C. airs Wednesday, Jan. 7


The Third Wheel
January 7, 2003
Houseguest from hell

All is not well at Casa Cohen. Hailey is eating all the breakfast food, monopolizing the paper and never leaving the house. The men of Casa Cohen tell Kirsten to deal with her, but she's reluctant. Seth is worried about another frequent guest Marissa. He wants to get Ryan's advice on how to tell Summer that he and Anna are together, but before he gets the Seth-Ryan quality time he craves, Marissa bursts in. Seth thinks Ryan is whipped.

Ryan and Marissa fear they're becoming one of "those couples" who are never apart. They tentatively plan to spend some time apart. Seth and Anna are trying to spend some time together, but they stop when Summer comes in. Anna hates lying to Summer and wants Seth to tell her. Seth says he will just as soon as he and Ryan figure out the best way to do it.

Hailey the moocher
Sandy is trying to help Jimmy with his resume when Hailey walks in. Hailey and Jimmy bond over whose life is more screwed up, and make plans to get together and compare war stories. Sandy quizzes Kirsten about "the talk." Kirsten didn't do it this is the first time they've ever had fun together, and she doesn't want to ruin it.

Quality time

Ryan runs into Luke, who is contemplating a slashed tire on his truck. A few of Luke's former friends make a crack about his Big Gay Dad, and Ryan invites him over to hang. Seth is pissed that he's not getting alone time with Ryan, but reluctantly gets over it when he finds out what a crappy day Luke is having.

Odd man out
Marissa invites Ryan over to Oliver's penthouse for Moroccan food. Oliver shows off his rich-boy street cred (recommending museums in Paris, casually commenting on his family's ski house), then announces he can get everybody into a sold-out Rooney concert. Ryan feels like he's got nothing to contribute. He feels even worse the next morning, when Hailey snarks about how much time Ryan's girlfriend is spending with this Oliver guy.

Big plans
Sandy chastises Seth for not being a man and talking to Summer. Seth promises he will but not tonight, because Summer's not going to be at the concert. Except, of course, she is. Oliver, however, isn't and his name's not on the list. Ryan is convinced Oliver has been lying, but they run into him behind the theater. The band seems to know him, and they all get in. Sandy and Kirsten aren't so lucky turns out Jimmy and Hailey are hanging out at Casa Cohen. So much for their alone time.

Sibling rivalry
Hailey starts "joking" with Kirsten, basically insulting everything about her life. Sandy's finally had enough he tells Hailey she's worn out her welcome. Hailey follows Jimmy out, reminiscing about the good old days. Then she launches herself at him. Jimmy tears himself away, telling Hailey she's lucky to have the Cohens looking out for her.

The best laid plans
Anna urges Seth to tell Summer, but he bails. She resolves to tell Summer herself, but wimps out when they bond over Golden Girls. Ryan and Marissa are snuggling at the concert, but a hopped-up Oliver butts in and drags Marissa closer to the stage. Ryan tries to wrest Marissa back for himself, but it doesn't go well. He storms out only to see Oliver being arrested for trying to buy drugs off an undercover cop.

Tell all
Summer finally hears Seth and Anna talking about how to tell Summer. They confess. She seems fine with it, and pledges to keep hanging out with them. That was a little too easy. Ryan calls Sandy to bail Oliver out. Oliver is confused he thinks Ryan doesn't even like him. Ryan pretty much confirms that. Marissa calls, and Ryan makes Oliver tell her what happened.

The aftermath
Hailey apologizes to Sandy for being a bitch, and confesses she has no idea what to do with her life. Marissa snuggles with Ryan, and says she really doesn't need to talk about Oliver at the moment. They're interrupted by Anna, Seth, Summer and Luke, and go back to the house for Playstation time. Summer worms her way between Anna and Seth, saying how glad she is they can "hang out." Oliver watches outside the window, stalker-like.