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Episode 15 "The Links"


Sandy and Jimmy decide to go into business, while Caleb puts Hailey out of business by shutting off her cash flow.
Seth and Anna anticipate spending some time alone as Summer and Luke bond over being single.
Ryan and Marissa's disagreement about Oliver reaches new heights when Oliver claims he tried to kill himself. He survived, but can Ryan and Marissa's relationship make it through the ordeal?
Oliver comes between Ryan and Marissa when "The Links" episode of THE O.C.


The Links
January 14, 2003
Friend or stalker?

Oliver shows up at Marissa and Jimmy's apartment, apologizing for what a schmuck he's been. He wants to make it up to everyone - especially Ryan - by taking the gang to his family's house in Palm Springs. They'll all get to meet his parents and girlfriend, Natalie. Ryan isn't thrilled with the idea - and he's not doing so well at learning golf, despite Sandy's coaching and Seth's mockery.

Ulterior motives
Caleb and Julie are due back from Paris, and Kirsten is convinced Hailey is preparing to make her withdrawal from the Bank of Dad. Hailey doesn't do much to discourage that idea. Summer is figuring out ways to screw up Seth and Anna's alone time in Palm Springs. She sees this as a great opportunity to sabotage the relationship - and starts right away by interrupting some hot-and-heavy Jenga action.

The trials of Jimmy Copper
Jimmy is considering leaving town - as Newport's most notorious thief; no one wants to hire him. Sandy tries to get him an entry-level job at his law firm, but the boss shoots him down - no way are they going to sully their reputation by taking on a felon.

The hitch
Luke loads a liquor store worth of beer into the truck - can't golf without it. Oliver shows up looking shaken - Natalie broke up with him. Maybe they should cancel the trip? Ryan is happy to agree, but Marissa insists they go anyway - and she'll ride with Oliver so he can pour his soul out to her on the way. Ryan gets stuck with Luke, and Summer wedges herself into Anna and Seth's car.

Welcome home

Caleb and Julie show up at Casa Cohen straight from the airport. Caleb is eager to see Hailey, but Julie is less pleased. The kids hit Oliver's Palm Springs house, only to find his parents aren't there after all. Oliver "accidentally" puts Ryan and Marissa in the room with twin beds (no nookie for them). He makes a big show over how much he appreciates Ryan being comfortable with Marissa being his friend, while throwing out some relationship destabilizing "I know more about you than you think" hints.

Golf gone wild
Oliver "coaches" Marissa at golf, which involves him grabbing and swinging her hips. Ryan seethes, and responds by hacking the hell out of his golf ball. Even Luke realizes that Oliver is a schmuck - especially when he "jokingly" tries to smash into their golf cart. Marissa is blind to it all. Summer continues sabotaging Anna and Seth, guilting them into staying with her by talking about how good it is that they're friends.

Seth and Anna try to get snuggly, but Summer bursts in on them. She can't stop their witty banter, but she does plant the seeds that they're "just like brother and sister." No nookie for them, either. Oliver tries sucking up to Ryan, but Ryan isn't buying it - he confronts Oliver about trying to steal Marissa. Oliver has a plate-smashing, head-smacking meltdown and storms off. Marissa blames Ryan.

Plans for the future
Julie tells Kirsten to talk to Caleb - no way should he keep giving Hailey a blank check. Kirsten does, convincing him to cut Hailey off. Hailey blames Kirsten and snits off, saying she'll have that independent life Kirsten has been bugging her about. Jimmy and Sandy bond at a restaurant, and by the end of the evening, they seem to have drunkenly bought it. Kirsten is actually amused and supportive. Luke tries to hit on Summer, but she shoots him down.

Oliver calls Marissa from Newport, claiming to have downed a bunch of pills. She coaches him to puke the pills out of his system, but he begs her to come stay with him. He's lying - he empties a bunch of bottles into a knickknack, then sits back to soak up the attention. Marissa is hysterical, thinking he's going to die. Ryan is skeptical, especially when Oliver refuses to go to the hospital. Oliver convinces Marissa to stay with him, causing Ryan to express his scorn - "Maybe he belongs in an institution. What kind of person does this?" Dude, wrong thing to say to Marissa. She sends him away.