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Episode 17 "The Truth"

At the office, Caleb once again leaves Kirsten holding the bag when he forces her to get rid of Julie.
Sandy and Kirsten have reached the breaking point with Ryan, as they question their choice to bring him into their home. Meanwhile, Ryan and Luke become allies in the quest to bring Oliver down and protect Marissa.
When Marissa discovers the truth about Oliver for herself, a tense showdown ensues as Sandy and Ryan come to the rescue.
Oliver is exposed when "The Truth" episode of THE O.C. airs Wednesday, Feb. 11


The Truth
February 11, 2004
Who's sorry now?

Ryan got suspended for beating up Oliver. He's unrepentant. Sandy tells Ryan that if he wants to remain part of the family, he won't go anywhere or see anyone without getting the Cohens' ok.

What about Ryan?
Marissa tells Summer Ryan hit Oliver for no reason, and she dumped him. Summer doesn't buy it - "Sure he's violent, but he's not stupid." She's thrilled that she and Marissa are both single again, but her glee fades when she realizes Marissa is tied up with Oliver all the time.

The office
Sandy and Kirsten are eating lunch in her office. They're interrupted by a moving crew -Julie has decided to redesign the office. All Kirsten's furniture must go. Kirsten fumes while Sandy laughs.

Luke joins Oliver and Marissa at lunch and is creeped out by how obsessed Oliver is with keeping Marissa away from Ryan. Ryan chooses this moment to call, and Oliver convinces her not to answer. Luke snaps at him and leaves. While Marissa goes to get dessert, Oliver listens to the message from Ryan, asking her to meet him in the library after school, and erases it.

Summer intercepts Seth and Anna and asks to join them on a trip to the comic store, now that Marissa has abandoned her. Before they can go, Seth sees Ryan going to his meeting with Marissa in the library. Seth intercepts him and tries to talk him out of it. No good. At the library, Oliver intercepts Ryan and tells him Marissa isn't coming - in fact, she asked Oliver to tell Ryan to stay away. Miraculously, Ryan refrains from punching him.

The getaway
Oliver convinces Marissa to blow off school and spend the day with him. Luke watches them go and resolves to check up on Oliver's alleged ex-girlfriend. At the office, Caleb admits that Julie is driving him crazy and "delegates" his breakup with her to Kirsten. Weasel.

Relationship advice
While Seth begins Summer's comics education, Anna quizzes Sandy on his and Kirsten's relationship. She's obviously miserable. Luke shows up to tell Ryan that there is no Natalie. Ryan goes over to warn Marissa about this, but Marissa doesn't want to hear it. When Julie orders Marissa into the house, she runs away - to Oliver. Sandy watches the whole thing.

Luke shows up to quiz Ryan on what happened. Ryan says there's nothing they can do, but Luke doesn't buy it. Luke calls while Oliver is trying to convince Marissa to go to Paris with him. Luke tells Marissa about phantom Natalie, but she's still not listening - she tells him that if he really wants to help, he'll go by her house and pick up some clothes. Oliver gets creepier and creepier.

The office, part 2
Kirsten stops by her gorgeous new office and finds Julie fixing everything up. She breaks the news about the breakup to Julie. Caleb stupidly chooses this moment to walk in. Julie (rightfully) rips his head off, and quits.

Relationship advice, part 2
Sandy walks in on Seth, Summer and a miserable Anna. He drags Seth off and yells at him for torturing Anna. Seth isn't listening. Luke goes over to Julie's to pick up Marissa's clothes. He comforts her for her bad day, and looks really close to macking on her. Ew.

The light dawns
Marissa goes down to the concierge desk and meets the real Natalie Bishop. She works at the hotel, and she was never Oliver's girlfriend (although she did babysit him.) When she gets back up to the room Oliver grills her on where she went, then freaks when he realizes she knows the truth. When Oliver goes to get changed, she calls Ryan in a panic. Oliver walks in with a gun and forces her to hang up with phone.

All is revealed
Sandy stops Ryan from rushing to Marissa's rescue - he's not going alone. Oliver confesses he loves Marissa, and threatens to kill himself if she leaves. When Sandy and Ryan check on Oliver (with security in tow), he denies anything is wrong, but Marissa screams he has a gun. Security bursts in. Oliver threatens to kill himself, but Ryan talks him down. When Seth's first reaction to the news is to call Summer, Anna reads him the riot act - and dumps him. Seth realizes he's been a fool and apologizes to Ryan for not believing him. He swears he will never fail Ryan again.