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Episode 18 "The Heartbreak"
Marissa tries to mend her relationship with Ryan, but he can't forgive her for the situation with Oliver.
Things become even more complicated when Theresa, Ryan's ex from Chino, arrives to cater the Valentine's Day dance.
Meanwhile, Seth and Summer decide to take their friendship to a new level, and Jimmy finds out he has a secret admirer in the Cohen house.
It's Valentine's Day on "The Heartbreak" episode of THE O.C. airing Wednesday, Feb. 18






















The Heartbreak
February 18, 2004
Valentine, schmalentine

Kirsten is all perky about Valentine's Day, but is shot down by the men of the house. Sandy thinks it's an evil corporate mock holiday, Seth is confused about the breakup with Anna and the undefined relationship with Summer, and Ryan well, no one knows what to say to Ryan.

Back to normal
Everyone seems to want to pretend that the whole Oliver Incident never happened, but Ryan just can't go along with that. Sure, he's back in school, but he rebuffs Marissa's PDA in the halls. One thing that is back to normal - Seth and Summer. He tells her that he and Anna broke up, and she bites his head off - she's no one's sloppy seconds! Sandy tries to weasel out of helping Kirsten with the big Valentine's Party of the Week, causing Kirsten to blow up at him.

Let's get it on
Jimmy comes home to find a box of cookies from a secret admirer. Who could have left them? Marissa tries to make up for the whole Oliver thing by offering up her body to Ryan. It's icky, and Ryan shoots her down. Seth goes to Summer's to explain that he's always been in love with her. She jumps him, and he is hypnotized by her breasts. Luke shows up at the Cooper's house, ostensibly looking for Marissa. Actually, he seems to be asking Julie Cooper to the Valentine's dance. Julie is amused.

That was awkward
Seth starts to gloat to Ryan about how he's become a man - "I had sex! With a girl!"-but breaks down and admits it was awful. He wants tips on how to make it better next time, but Ryan just tells him to do it again. Meanwhile, Marissa lies that she and Ryan had a blissful time, but is brought up short when Summer admits she and Seth did it - and it sucked. Sandy tries to snuggle up to Kirsten, but she's still not talking to him. Jimmy shows up at Casa Cohen with the mysterious Valentine's cookies, obviously thinking they're from Kirsten. Kirsten is oblivious, but burbles that Hailey used to make cookies just like this.

The talk
Seth and Sandy squirm through "The Talk." After quizzing Seth on whether he used protection, Sandy haltingly tries to explain that foreplay is a good thing. This is news to Seth. He tries to put this into practice with Summer, but it's still awkward as hell - "limbs everywhere." While setting up for the Valentine's party, Luke asks Ryan if Marissa's coming - and if she's bringing her mom. Ryan almost gets mowed down by a rogue caterer - and look at that, it's Theresa, his old neighbor and quasi-girlfriend. They talk about the whole Oliver fiasco. Marissa walks in on them and is distressed, and Ryan looks uncomfortable as hell.

Love stinks
At the Party of the Week, Marissa tries to "start over" with Ryan, but he can't just pretend nothing happened. Seth tells Summer that he's just not ready for her yet - maybe in a couple of years. Jimmy tracks down Hailey and takes her to his half-renovated restaurant, but tells her to move on with her life - he'll never feel comfortable having a relationship with her. Sandy consoles a crying Marissa, telling her she'll have to work to make things right with Ryan. She seems ok with that - until she sees Ryan drive away with Theresa.

The aftermath
Theresa goes back to her catering job, but not before telling Ryan she hopes she'll see him again. Luke shows up at the Coopers to tell Julie she's an "amazing girl womanlady" and that all the cool kids wanted to do her. A drunken Julie pulls a Mrs. Robinson and pulls Luke inside. Sandy reveals he's a big softy after all - he's decorated the bedroom with roses and chocolates. Kirsten is thrilled. Summer shows up in Seth's bedroom to admit she was a virgin, too - that's one of the reasons sex sucked. Seth resolves to slow it down and sweep Summer off her feet. Marissa storms the pool house looking for Theresa. She announces that she's going to fight for her man. Ryan tells her he doesn't know how to forgive her, and that he doesn't know if they should be together.