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Episode 20 "The Goodbye Girl"


When Theresa decides to stay in Newport, Ryan is glad, but feels obligated to help her find a job and a place to stay.
Julie and Lukes affair continues to flourish, but their secret is threatened when Jimmy witnesses a moment of intimacy between them. Meanwhile, Anna announces that she is moving back to Pittsburgh and an upset Seth is convinced its because of him.
Seth races to the airport to stop her from leaving on The Goodbye Girl episode of THE O.C. airing Wednesday, March 3






Goodbye Girl
March 3, 2004
Planning commission
Seth is grilling Ryan on what's up with Theresa. Ryan tells Seth to slow down he doesn't even know when he'll see her again. How about now? Theresa had the morning off and wanted to know if the boys need a ride to school. So, apparently, did Marissa. Both girls leave, humiliated.

Sandy and Kirsten watch in amazement as Marissa, then Theresa, flee the house. Sandy is distracted by Kirsten asking if Sandy took Caleb's case. Caleb is Riviera Magazine's man of the year, so Kirsten is hosting a party. Can they invite Uncle Sean? Sandy says he'll get back to her.

Moving on
Marissa asks Luke if it was hard for him to see her and Ryan together after they broke up. Yeah, he replied, but it's not like I didn't deserve to be dumped. He advises Marissa that it's never going to be the same with Ryan, and she should just move on. Speaking of moving on Anna tells Seth and Summer she's moving back to Pittsburgh.

Suspicious minds
Luke shows up at Julie's, but is surprised when Caitlyn answers the door. Julie tells Caitlyn to get ready for dinner with Jimmy, then chastises Luke for coming to the house. She doesn't want Caitlyn to get suspicious. She should be more worried about Jimmy, who arrives to pick up Caitlyn and doesn't look like he believes that Luke is there to defrag her hard drive. So that's what the kids are calling it these days

Unsolicited advice
Sandy announces that he'll take Caleb's case if Caleb tells Kirsten everything. Caleb is not happy. Sandy tells Ryan that he and Theresa are in way over their heads, and he needs to talk to her about it. But it turns out Theresa told Eddie she's not coming home, so Ryan avoids that conversation.

Breaking the news
Caleb reveals the sort of illegal activities he's been involved with and that Kirsten is implicated as well. At school, Eddie storms the student lounge and demands to know if Ryan and Theresa are sleeping together. Seth "subtly" tries to find out why Anna is leaving, and is shocked when none of the reasons involve him. Kirsten tells Sandy she doesn't want him to compromise himself by getting involved in her and Caleb's troubles. Ryan tries to have the hard conversation with Theresa, but she doesn't care. They spend the night together. Eddie watches from the parking lot.

Ryan reluctantly asks Theresa to Caleb's cocktail party. After grilling him on if he's ashamed to be seen with her, she declines she has nothing to wear. Sandy "coincidently" runs into a friend from the DA's office to see how threatened Caleb is. The DA calls the Newport Group "the Enron of Orange County," and warns Sandy to stay out of it. Seth tries to talk to Ryan about Theresa, but Ryan deftly distracts him in to talking about Anna ("Dammit, do not change the subject to me, I'm argh! -- powerless not to talk about it.") Ryan tells Seth just to tell Anna how he feels. Seth hadn't considered that he'll do it after the party (and some alcohol for courage). Marissa shows up at Theresa's bearing dresses. It looks like Theresa will get to go to the ball after all.

Party of the Week
Sandy works a deal with the guy prosecuting Uncle Sean Caleb will buy lumber from him at an inflated price, and the charges will be dropped. Ryan is shocked to see Theresa and Marissa. Anna appears to say goodbye. Because Seth is stuck in a photo-op with man-of-the-year Caleb, she hands Ryan a letter that explains how she feels. Ryan gets distracted by Eddie's fists. Eddie throws him in the pool, then flees. Luke comes onto Julie as Jimmy watches suspiciously. He obliquely confronts her, but she denies everything.

The aftermath

Kirsten is shocked Sandy cut a deal and obstructed justice to get her and Caleb off the hook. Caleb tells Julie he wants her to feel appreciated. She tells him to plan the perfect date and they'll see. Seth can't read Anna's pool-soaked letter, and he's had too much Champagne, so Ryan needs to drive him to the airport. Theresa appears at Marissa's to return the dress she's going back to Chino. Seth arrives at the airport just in time to confront Anna he doesn't want her to leave because of him. Anna says she loves him as a friend (despite his being self-absorbed), but that she needs to go home. Seth is heartbroken. Who will he play Jenga with? Who will he turn to for advice? "Confidence, Cohen," she replies. Ryan goes to Theresa's hotel room, but she's gone.