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Episode 22 "The Nana"


The Cohen family prepares for a visit from Sandy's mother. She's coming for Passover dinner, but Seth wants to make sure she doesn't meet Summer during the festivities. He thinks his "Nana" won't approve of her, but Summer is out to prove him wrong.

Meanwhile, Ryan desperately looks for Marissa, who disappeared when she found out about Luke and Julie's affair. The Cohens get a visit from grandma when "The Nana" episode of THE O.C. airs Wednesday, March 31







The Nana
March 31, 2004
Ryan and Luke have been looking for Marissa all night, with no luck. Turns out Marissa called while Seth was asleep she's safe, but they shouldn't come looking for her. Julie Cooper storms the pool house and is horrified to find out the boys know her secret. She tells Ryan she's going to call the police or at least Marissa's doctors she doesn't want Marissa to hurt herself again.

Hailey decides to thank the family for taking her back in by making a monster breakfast three kinds of pancakes, redundant waffles, the works. She picked a lousy day for it It's the first day of Passover, and Sandy's mom is coming to town. If she finds anything leavened in the house, she'll plotz. Sandy reveals he told Nana they'd have Seder at Casa Cohen which, he told her, they do every year. Kirsten is not pleased.

Pass what now?
Seth tells Summer the Nana is coming to visit. Summer can't wait to meet Nana! Old people are so cute! Not so much, Seth replies Nana is scary as hell. Summer thinks he's ashamed of her, but Seth insists he's just protecting her from his fire-breathing grandma. He's even more determined to keep Summer from meeting Nana when Summer reveals she knows nothing about Passover. Meanwhile, Jimmy stops by to check up on Hailey. He seems to be flirting.

Fear the Nana
Sandy is freaking out his mom has been a social worker in the Bronx for 40 years, and she disapproves of everything about him. He thinks she's coming out there to kick his ass over leaving the public defender's office and starting a restaurant. He's petrified when the Nana appears at the door her plane got in early and she didn't want to wait for Sandy to pick her up. She's perfectly charming to everyone. The Cohens are dumbfounded.

Odd couple
Summer shows up at Casa Cohen to meet Nana. She's been studying she brought macaroons for the Seder. Nana charms her, too, so Summer thinks Seth is just trying to hide his relationship. Seth's rant about the Nana being nice to Kirsten "two people who have nothing in common suddenly getting along!" makes Ryan realize that Marissa must have fled to Theresa in Chino. Eddie is not happy to see Ryan at Theresa's door on this, the day of Eddie and Theresa's engagement party. Marissa refuses to leave with him. Ryan tries to call Julie to tell her Marissa is ok, but he's interrupted by a furious Eddie and friends. He needs to get the hell out and they don't mind shoving him around a little to make the point.

Hailey drops all the leavened products off at Jimmy's, then attacks him with her lips. Jimmy responds, then tells her to back off he can't jeopardize his relationship with Kirsten and Sandy. Hailey storms off.

Sandy can't stand it anymore why is Nana really here? Finally, she admits she has lung cancer. She came to say goodbye but she doesn't want to talk about it, and he damn well better not tell Seth. Seth and Summer hear Scary Nana is back and flee. Sandy confronts her over why she's not pursuing treatment, and Seth finally overhears that Nana is dying. Nana explains that she wanted to spend time getting to know him without cancer hanging over everything. Seth is unconvinced.

Marissa smoothes things over with Eddie, who realizes he's glad Ryan's here, now that he knows Ryan's not after Theresa. Ryan tries to convince Marissa to come home, and she threatens to run away from Theresa's. Ryan's had enough he lets her vent her anger on him until she breaks down and cries. Luke chooses this inopportune moment to try to bring Marissa back. She smacks him and sends him away.

Kirsten confronts Nana she'd obviously rather die than depend on her kids. Nana is impressed by Kirsten's command of guilt. Ryan plays the guilt card himself can Marissa really abandon her dad, her sister him?

Nana reveals that she's going home for treatment, and that Sandy damn well better come visit. Ryan takes Marissa back to Julie's house to pick up some clothes. Julie threatens to call Marissa's doctors, but Marissa retorts that she'll tell everyone why she ran away. Julie backs down. Jimmy shows up at Casa Cohen and apologizes to Hailey he does want to start a relationship with her. They're going to put off telling Kirsten, though.