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Episode 23 "The Proposal"


Luke is desperate to explain himself to Marissa, but Marissa isnt ready to speak to him or her mother after finding out about their affair. But when Luke gets into a near-fatal accident, both Marissa and Ryan decide its time to hear what he has to say.

Meanwhile, its opening night for The Lighthouse. Just prior to opening, Jimmy and Sandy are shocked to find out the liquor license has been denied, and Sandy is faced with the choice of keeping the license or keeping Jimmy as his partner.

Caleb uses the occasion to surprise everyone when he proposes to Julie. Caleb pops the question on The Proposal episode of THE O.C. Wednesday, April 14

The Proposal
April 14, 2004
Marissa watch
The gang has got their eyes on Marissa, ready to swoop in at the first sign of instability. Ryan is concerned that Marissa is crying her eyes out at a sad movie (even though Seth is all weepy as well.) Perhaps next time a comedy? And maybe the gang should have a slumber party, sleeping in shifts to keep an eye on her? Marissa insists that she's fine until she sees Luke talking to a pissed-off Julie, who's only there because Luke won't stop calling.

Anticipate the worst
The next morning, Ryan proposes finding Luke and beating the crap out of him. Luke appears, begging forgiveness and revealing that he's moving to Portland with his dad. He needs to talk to Marissa before he leaves. Good luck. Meanwhile, Sandy is scanning the papers for anything that might screw up the Lighthouse grand opening tomorrow. He finds it in the mail their liquor license has been rescinded. As all of Newport is borderline alcoholic, no restaurant can survive without booze. Jimmy is distracted from the news by Hailey, showing off a dress she fears puts the "ho" in "hostess." Jimmy doesn't seem to mind. Sandy finds out that the liquor license has been denied because the new commissioner had to go back to work when a certain financial advisor stole his retirement savings. Oops.

Makeover madness
Summer shows up at Marissa and Jimmy's place, and is appalled to finally see Marissa's room it's a dump. When Marissa goes off to meet Ryan for lunch, Summer calls Seth they need to redo Marissa's space so her outer life isn't as chaotic as her inner life. Seth is skeptical at first, but gets into the idea. He isn't pleased when Summer discovers last year's yearbook, which documents how much of an outcast he was. Meanwhile, Marissa and Ryan share a smooch on the pier. Even that doesn't soften up Marissa to the idea of seeing Luke. Later, as they're making out in the apartment, Caleb appears. He announces he's going to propose to Julie, and he wants Marissa's blessing.

Party of the week
Newport's elite has gathered for the pre-opening bash at the Lighthouse. As a drunken Luke watches from outside, Seth and Summer sneak off to do the room makeover. Kirsten and Hailey watch in disgust as Caleb snuggles up to Julie. Hailey and Jimmy flirt across the room at each other, as Kirsten gets suspicious. She and everyone else is distracted when Caleb calls for attention and proposes for Julie. Julie accepts. Luke chooses this moment to come in he sees the proposal and flees. Marissa is furious that Luke showed up, and hates that Ryan wants to go after him. Ryan reveals that Luke is leaving town, and worries that Luke is so drunk he might hurt himself. Speaking of drunk. Kirsten drowns her sorrows in the patented Newport way.

Accident waiting to happen
Seth proves less than handy when dealing with tools. Summer, however, kicks ass. Meanwhile, Luke is drowning his sorrows to Bob Seger as Marissa and Ryan search for him. They find him he's wrapped his truck around a telephone pole. Marissa and Ryan are waiting when he wakes up, and Marissa finally forgives him. Seth runs into Julie burbling about the wedding in his kitchen. When she finds out Luke was in an accident, she says he obviously never got over his dad being gay. Seth watches with contempt, while a hung-over Kirsten winces.

One man's misfortune
Sandy reveals that Jimmy is the cause of the liquor license problem. Caleb tries to use his influence (after gloating that Sandy needs his help), but no luck. But Caleb has a plan one the boys won't like.

The aftermath
Marissa is incensed that Julie has ruined everyone's lives. She resolves to tell Caleb about her mom's jailbait affair. But when she confronts him, Caleb says he knows everything. What's more, he tells her that he'll buy the restaurant from Sandy and Jimmy, thus preserving Jimmy's place in Newport, only if she agrees to move back in with Julie. Marissa caves. It's not a totally bad day, though Ryan and Marissa see what an amazing transformation Summer and Seth made to her room. She realizes that her friends rock, even if her life as a whole sucks.