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Episode 24 "The Shower"


Every bride-to-be must have a wedding shower, and Julie Cooper is going to have one to remember, thanks to Marissa.

Teresa decides to return to Newport Beach and when Ryan finds out why she came back, his whole world is turned upside down.

Meanwhile, Seth gets the chance to meet Summer's father, but it doesn't go as well as either of them would have liked.

Julie celebrates her impending nuptials when "The Shower" episode of THE O.C. airs Wednesday, April 21

The Shower
April 21, 2004
Family matters
Kirsten is ranting about Caleb and Julie getting married in two weeks. What's the rush? Seth is more concerned with diagramming the new family dynamic Julie will be his grandmother! Sandy gets a call from a nervous Theresa. Can he meet her for lunch? And not tell Ryan? At the office, Julie bulldozes Kirsten into hosting a shower. Marissa is appalled to find she's supposed to be helping out. Seth overhears a conversation between Summer and her dad they talk just like they're best friends! When is he going to meet her dad, anyway? How about lunch? Seth is convinced he'll have Summer's dad eating out of the palm of his hand.

Sandy meets Theresa, and is shocked to see she has a black eye. Eddie's been under a lot of stress, she says. What would happen to Eddie if she decided to press charges not now, but if it ever happens again? It depends, says Sandy. Will she leave him? It's complicated, she says.

What's going on?
Nothing! Marissa walks in on Jimmy and Hailey. They try to cover it up, but they suck at lying. Hailey flees. Marissa says she's happy for her dad, and tries to break the news that she'll be moving in with Julie and Caleb. She can't do it. Kirsten is shocked that Eddie hit Theresa, and even more shocked that Ryan doesn't know. If they told him, Sandy says, he'd just go to Chino, beat up Eddie, and end up back in juvie. Ryan chooses this moment to walk in. Kirsten and Sandy deny they were talking about anything.

Family matters, part 2
Caleb pays Sandy and Jimmy an exorbitant amount for the restaurant. Sandy is suspicious, but Jimmy is just thrilled. Marissa gets sucked into shower planning, and plays a little hardball why don't they invite Julie's sister Cindy? Kirsten thinks that's a good idea. She's wrong. Cindy is everything Julie pretends not to be loud, crude, white trash, the works. Julie is livid. Marissa and Ryan flee to pick up the cake. At the bakery, they run into Theresa, still looking battered. Ryan looks like he's going to kill Eddie or Sandy, for not telling him about this. Lunch with Summer's father is incredibly awkward. Seth can't shut up, and Summer looks like she's in hell. Dad is not impressed. Hailey and Jimmy resolve to tell Kirsten about their relationship, but then decide it's not the right time. In which case, you shouldn't be making out on the front steps of Casa Cohen, should you? Busted.

Making it right
Sandy wants to go to Chino to "talk" to Eddie. Kirsten convinces him to talk to Ryan and Theresa instead. Ryan is still pissed that Sandy didn't tell him, and is unwilling to listen when Sandy tells him it was for his own good --- if he knew, he just would have done something stupid. Theresa comes over to Casa Cohen, saying she needs to figure things out. Ryan can't believe she'd stay with Eddie. Kirsten says she's glad to see Sandy passionate and helping people. Marissa is disturbed to see Theresa, but still insists she should come to the shower with everyone else.

Party of the Week
Julie is in hell, watching her low-class sister spill her secrets to her upper-class "friends." After one too many revelations, she stalks off. Summer is avoiding Seth. Marissa hides out in the catering tent she's sick of hearing people say how much Julie deserves good fortune. Theresa follows and apologizes for getting in the way. Ryan finds out this isn't the first time Eddie has hit Theresa. He decides to confront Eddie. Sandy tries to stop him, and tells him he can't fix this. Ryan goes anyway.

The aftermath
Seth finally figures out Summer's dad hated him. Summer values her dad's opinion, so their relationship may be over. Kirsten thinks Hailey's relationship with Jimmy is just a form of sibling rivalry. Jimmy insists that's not the case. Cindy tells Julie she misses her but understands that she probably won't be invited to the wedding. Caleb insists she will, and tells Julie there's nothing he could find out that would make him walk away. Oh really? Ryan shows up at Theresa's hotel room to convince her not to go back to Chino. He brings her back to Casa Cohen, where Kirsten and Sandy welcome her and install her in the poolhouse. Marissa is disturbed that Theresa is staying but gets over it she knows they're going to be ok.